BOOST Arcade Machine

BOOST was a Yahoo! internal group initiative, focused on bringing awareness to the worldwide workforce on employment benefits and services. I was tasked with designing and producing graphics that would wrap several classic arcade machines in an informative and fun way. The machines were used as an eye-catching centerpiece to group-discussion events and information booths. As well as the arcade machine, I created information graphics in the form of give-away posters, stickers and tshirts.

BOOST Arcade Machine Archive. As well as the initial design of the machine I produced dozens of other designs for proposed companion machines for future initiatives and other Yahoo! offices around the world.

BOOST Campus Events

The BOOST team would often time initiative awareness events on campus around particular holidays. The following example is for a Valentine's Day themed event. I was tasked with design and copywriting for this project.

Yahoo! and Oath

As a visual designer at this tech industry icon, I was responsible for developing static/animated social and app-specific advertising and marketing materials for many of Yahoo! brands and events. With the much-publicized acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon, an umbrella holding company was created to represent Yahoo!, AOL and their related brands. I was tasked with creating materials relating to this new public identity for both internal and external initiatives.

Huffington Post

One of the Yahoo brands, we were tasked with coming up with t-shirt designs to be sold at the company store on campus.

Office of Inclusive Diversity

A Yahoo group consisting of thought leaders dealing with racial and social issues for employees and Yahoo's corporate culture standards and outreach. I was asked to come up with designs to be used on the internal networks, used for recognition of members of these diverse groups.


Yahoo! on a regular basis would have an online stationary produced that was pushed out to all of employees in the U.S. to use in conjunction with their corporate email. As well as the static designs for the email template i was asked to design animated gifs that would live on the corporate Yahoo! homepage to entice employees to download and use the holiday themed stationary. The following are designs I did for Valentines and Earth Day.


Weed and the American Family

The editorial team for Yahoo! News tasked us with creating designs to support their online and broadcast content around 4/20 of 2017.