CES 2018 – Oath, TechCrunch & Engadget

The following are examples of the work I produced for booth space materials and brand presence at CES 2018.

VMworld 2016

At Kenwood Experiences we created a whole host of materials for a very large brand presence at one of the tech-industries largest single-client conferences.

Below is a ton of concept work done for the creative phase for VMWorld 2016.

Yahoo! and Oath transition

Along with the transition of Yahoo! under the Oath umbrella, brand awareness was a concern. A proposal was put together to bring some of the wider re-branding effort onto the Yahoo! Sunnyvale campus. The following are proposal materials I created.

Yahoo!, Women In Tech and International Women's Day

In conjunction with the worldwide recognition of women's rights, initiatives, roles and education involving technology, Yahoo! held online discussion groups. The following are support materials we produced for this effort.

HAVAS Worldwide

EuroRSCG New York advertising company was purchased and then rebranded by the multinational umbrella holding company HAVAS. During the physical move into our brand new headquarters I was tasked to design and produce permanent materials for the office spaces.

Havas IBM Party

In support of a large-scale client proposal and party, we created and installed large informational materials.